Bridging Excellence for Public Service

At Bridgecor, we take immense pride in our affiliation with both local and federal governments, a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence in staffing solutions. Our unique approach extends beyond traditional recruitment, especially when it comes to government placements, where precision, expertise, and a commitment to diversity matter most.

Local and Fedral Patnership

Our government affiliation endorsement speaks volumes about our dedication to serving both local and federal entities. Whether you're a municipal office looking for U.S. local talent or a federal agency seeking top-tier candidate, we bring a unique approach that ensures the right fit for your specific requirements.

Unique Approach for Veteran Applicants:

At Bridgecor, we understand the importance of a unique approach, especially when it comes to veteran applicants. Veterans bring a distinct set of skills, leadership qualities, and camaraderie to the workplace. Our specialized approach ensures that we connect you with top-tier veteran candidate who not only meet but exceed your expectations.


  • 561311- Employment Placement Agencies
  • 541490 - Other Specialized Design Services
  • 611430 - Professional and Management Development Training
  • 561410 - Document Preparation Services
  • 561410- Human Resources Consulting Services
  • 561312- Executive Search Services
  • 541214- Payroll Services
  • 541611- Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
  • 561110- Office Administrative Services
  • 561320 - Temporary Help Services
  • 561990 - All Other Support Services
  • 927110- Space Research and Technology
  • 541330 - Engineering Services
  • 541690- Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
  • 541990- All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  • 541512 - Computer Systems Design Services

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Whether you're seeking exceptional professionals for your team or exploring rewarding career opportunities, the Bridgecor team is poised to guide you toward success.

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