With over 75 years of combine experience Bridgecor provides a top level of service and quality to your team!

Tailored Talent Solutions for Your Vision

Bridgecor excels in crafting bespoke talent solutions for an array of IT staffing needs. Whether you seek the expertise of IT Support Engineers, cybersecurity specialists, Back-End Engineers, Full Stack Engineers, Data Engineers handling Big Data challenges, or Mobile App Developers sculpting seamless experiences, our team identifies and delivers the right candidate for your unique organization. As a premier IT staffing agency, we transcend conventions, ensuring our tailored staffing solutions align seamlessly with your business objectives.
At Bridgecor, we understand that a diverse team brings richness to innovation. That’s why we go beyond conventional staffing solutions. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion sets us apart. We actively create opportunities for veterans and women in the workforce, recognizing that their unique perspectives and sets of minds add unparalleled value to any team. Partnering with Bridgecor opens the door to a talent pool enriched with experience, dedication, and fresh perspectives.

Diverse Perspectives, Exceptional Minds: A Commitment to Inclusion

Services Beyond Temporary Roles: Nurturing Permanence and Leadership

Bridgecor understands that workforce dynamics go beyond temporary placements. As a dynamic IT staffing agency and cybersecurity staffing partner, we offer more than just quick fixes. Our services extend to permanent placements, ensuring your organization secures talent not just for today but for the future. From Ruby on Rails developers to Cloud Engineers and Database Administrators, we guide you in securing talent for key leadership positions, fortifying your team’s foundation with lasting expertise.
At Bridgecor, we take pride in our expansive areas of expertise, catering to a diverse range of industries. Whether you’re searching for a Back-End Engineer to fortify your IT backbone, a Full Stack Engineer to bring holistic development prowess, or a Data Engineer for big data challenges, we have the talent pool to match. From skilled Machine Learning Engineers and meticulous Software Engineers in Test to adept DevOps and Security Engineers, our roster is a testament to the depth and breadth of our recruitment capabilities. Whether your needs lie in Mobile App Development, Embedded Systems, Cloud Architecture, or Database Administration, Bridgecor ensures that your team is fortified with top-notch professionals. Let us be the bridge to your workforce success.

Unlocking Specialized Talent for Every Industry

When Sourcing candidate, Bridgecor Will:

Conduct a thorough assessment of the client’s requirements to ensure a good match.

Stay connected with you, providing detailed progress reports on your job search.

After the search is completed, continuous communication with you and the client to make sure both parties are satisfied.

Never charge our candidate, giving you access to top career positions for free!

Diverse Talent Partnerships

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion sets us apart. Bridgecor is passionate about creating opportunities for veterans and females in the workforce. By partnering with us, you gain access to a unique talent pool that brings a wealth of experience, dedication, and diverse perspectives to your team.
Bridgecor advocates for a workplace where talent is recognized and rewarded based on merit. We work towards ensuring equal pay and opportunity for every individual, fostering an inclusive environment that promotes growth and success for both employees and employers.



As part of our comprehensive service offerings, Bridgecor provides thorough resume reviews to ensure that candidate, including those with cybersecurity clearance, align with your organization’s needs. Our commitment to career advancement extends beyond the hiring process, offering ongoing career counseling and transition support for employees within your organization.
Whether you need IT support, cybersecurity staffing, or other specialized roles, Bridgecor is your go-to partner. We understand the unique challenges faced by IT departments and cybersecurity teams, and our services are tailored to address these specific needs. As one of the premier IT staffing companies and cybersecurity staffing agencies, we understand the unique challenges you face in finding the right talent for your organization.

IT & Cyber Talent Experts

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