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Category: Engineering Jobs

A female engineer working on a project

Although the United States has made huge strides towards gender equality, under representation in the workforce is an issue that still prevails. One such industry with a leading example is engineering. Several efforts were made to boost the percentage of females in STEM fields; however, only 14% of the workforce are women. This percentage is lower than the total number of women in the U.S. labor force.

Despite the field of engineering being disproportionately filled with males, this imbalance is slowly and gradually being erased. Today, a large number of qualified women are joining the engineering workforce. Engineering is moving towards a direction of equality, where women are confidently taking over STEM fields, offering a brighter future for the industry as a whole.


What Has Led to the Growing Presence of Women in Engineering?

As we step into the modern era, STEM fields seem to become more inclusive of what they were in the past. Several women across the country are choosing careers that they’re interested in without letting gender stereotypes come in the way.

There are several factors that have contributed to this change. One of the first reasons being schools, colleges, and universities are making an active effort to encourage and support women to enter this field. They ensure that STEM subjects are introduced well at an early age for a solid foundation and then follow up with the required resources at their college and university level.


A successful female engineer

What about the Pay for Women?

The 2021 U.S. Census Bureau statistics have shown that women who work full-time in the engineering field tend to earn 39.1% more than women who don’t. However, this doesn’t erase the gender salary gap within STEM roles. Other research has highlighted that from 70 different kinds of engineering jobs, women get higher pay in only one engineering area, computer network architects. Luckily, as more women are entering the field, the salaries are rising, and women are getting paid well.


Begin Your Journey as a Female Engineer Today With An Engineering Staffing Agency’s Help

As women across the country continue to advance in the engineering field, this is an excellent opportunity and time to consider shaping your career. There’s a growing demand for engineering professionals in several industries, and the salaries sure are promising. At Bridgecor, we aim to offer each candidate a customized action plan to ensure they get their dream jobsWe’re a leading talent acquisition firm and job-placement agency that has helped countless women enter the engineering arena and succeed!

Whether you’re looking for online jobs for electrical engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, or others, we offer expert career counseling services! Get in touch with us to learn more.


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