“Bridging the Employee Need of Employers with the Employment Needs of the Job-Seekers”
Being An Employer, Are You Looking for Individuals Who Meet Your Business Needs?
Look No Further! Bridgecor Will Help You Find the Individuals Who Meet or Exceed Your Business Needs.

For over 25 years, Bridgecor has been providing the promising services to the businesses nationwide. We help them to meet their employee needs.


Employers Services

Recruiting Services

We partner with employers nationwide to provide employee recruitment services—we learn about the employers’ business needs and find them some suitable and qualified job-seekers. We keep close coordination with hiring managers to learn about the expected qualifications, certifications, skills, experience and abilities of candidates. Afterward, our human resources consulting services team reviews and assess the job-seekers to identify the candidates who meet or exceed your business expectations.


Bridgecor Services

In addition to this, we provide extended support to both the job-seekers and employers throughout the recruitment process i-e interview, assessment, hiring and on-boarding process. Once hired, we provide training both the employer and the job-seeker. As needed, Bridgecor provides support to individuals especially new entrants, with learning their job responsibilities, company culture, working policies and expectations.

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  • Diversity Recruitment and Enhancement
  • Job Placement and Retention
  • Assessment, Mentoring and Coaching
  • HR Consulting