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Although the United States has made huge strides towards gender equality, under representation in the workforce is an issue that still prevails. One such industry with a leading example is engineering. Several efforts were made to boost the percentage of females in STEM fields; however, only 14% of the workforce are women. This percentage is lower than the total number of women in the U.S. labor force.

Despite the field of engineering being disproportionately filled with males, this imbalance is slowly and gradually being erased. Today, a large number of qualified women are joining the engineering workforce. Engineering is moving towards a direction of equality, where women are confidently taking over STEM fields, offering a brighter future for the industry as a whole.


What Has Led to the Growing Presence of Women in Engineering?

As we step into the modern era, STEM fields seem to become more inclusive of what they were in the past. Several women across the country are choosing careers that they’re interested in without letting gender stereotypes come in the way.

There are several factors that have contributed to this change. One of the first reasons being schools, colleges, and universities are making an active effort to encourage and support women to enter this field. They ensure that STEM subjects are introduced well at an early age for a solid foundation and then follow up with the required resources at their college and university level.


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What about the Pay for Women?

The 2021 U.S. Census Bureau statistics have shown that women who work full-time in the engineering field tend to earn 39.1% more than women who don’t. However, this doesn’t erase the gender salary gap within STEM roles. Other research has highlighted that from 70 different kinds of engineering jobs, women get higher pay in only one engineering area, computer network architects. Luckily, as more women are entering the field, the salaries are rising, and women are getting paid well.


Begin Your Journey as a Female Engineer Today With An Engineering Staffing Agency’s Help

As women across the country continue to advance in the engineering field, this is an excellent opportunity and time to consider shaping your career. There’s a growing demand for engineering professionals in several industries, and the salaries sure are promising. At Bridgecor, we aim to offer each candidate a customized action plan to ensure they get their dream jobsWe’re a leading talent acquisition firm and job-placement agency that has helped countless women enter the engineering arena and succeed!

Whether you’re looking for online jobs for electrical engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, or others, we offer expert career counseling services! Get in touch with us to learn more.


Engineering recruitment agencies can help you hire qualified candidates and save your time and money in the process. Having Trouble hiring or don’t have time to invest in the process? In addition to these, big hiring mistakes could be the last nail in the coffin for many businesses. So, there is always a solution for every problem. Engineering recruitment agencies could be the best solution for your problem of hiring a suitable and qualified candidate. Here’s how engineering recruitment agencies can excellently help you.

Recruitment Agencies Prevents You from Costly Hiring Mistakes

Arguably, hiring new employees is always a risk for companies. So, any costly hiring mistake may lead the business to significant loss and crunch. Moreover, there is a chance the new hire is not fit with the job requirements, or there will be a misalignment with their skills and the role of their personality and the culture. Consequently, it can disrupt business growth and productivity. Similarly, it may lead to even more turnover.

Doubtlessly, when you team up with an engineering recruitment agency, you can quickly reduce the risk of wrong hiring dramatically. You’ll find an opportunity to work with professional recruiters who have developed a robust network of both active and passive candidates. Moreover, recruitment agencies have proven capabilities of pre-scanning, are qualified and are ready to go to work candidates. In addition to this, a recruitment agency has rigorous processes and phases of shortlisting the best fit. First, they make a potential candidate go through a series of rigorous interviews and tests to ensure the quality candidates that are the best fit for you. Then, they will bridge you with only those final few who offer the right mix of technical and soft skills.

Recruitment Agency Keeps Your Workforce Flexible

Doubtlessly, business growth requires the right people for the right job. Therefore, you need to place the best people for suitable positions. Recruitment agencies help you find the best fit with a particular technical skill set. In addition to this, they provide you with a good mix of options for recruitment. Consequently, this enables you to stay flexible and ramp up when you need it. So, you can meet customer expectations, continuous growth, and maintain your competitive edge.

Sourcing and Screening Candidates

When you work with a professional candidate, you’ll get a partner in your business success. They’ll have a recruiter meet with you to learn about your company, hiring needs, and culture. This will help them successfully find and screen candidates for your role. As a result, you’ll be able to hire faster and get better-quality candidates, all with less hassle.

You won’t have to spend hours reviewing resumes, searching for those right-fit candidates. You also won’t have to set aside time for phone screens and preliminary interviews. Likewise, the staffing agency will handle any background and reference checks. As a result, you’ll get higher-performing talent quickly and affordably.

Want To Work with Florida Based Engineering Recruitment Agency?

Bridgecor LLC can help; we have 25+ years of experience as one of the best Florida-based Engineering Recruitment Agencies, can make a dramatic difference at your company. We are a woman minority-owned company with a diverse team of skilled professionals. Driven to develop unparalleled relationships with employers and candidates and exceptional sourcing candidates to add to your organization’s team.  Our goal is to not partner with everyone, but only the right one.  Meaning the association has to be the right one for all concerned, our organization, your company, our recruiters, and potential candidates. We are helping you improve hiring, success, and profitability.

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This article is helpful for you If Your Employees Aren’t Comfortable Returning to Work Amid Covid-19. Here Is What You Should Do. As businesses continue to reopen, some employees are nervous about health and safety owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to this, there are many different and new legislative requirements your business may have to follow. However, these rules may vary depending on the industry you work in.

There is no need to be worried as we as here is how you can get back on track and make your people feel more comfortable? Here are some tips to help you in this situation.

Take Workplace Safety Seriously and Talk About It

One of the best ways to make your employees feel safe and at ease is to talk about the issues and what you’re doing to make the workplace safe. This will help you to manage the situation of Employees Aren’t Comfortable Returning to Work. Tell them how you are going to manage the issue and ensure workplace safety. Give great consideration to following safety measures.

  • Is your office disinfected each night after everyone goes home?
  • What’s the process if someone tests positive?
  • Do exposed people have to quarantine?

These are all questions to answer and address before an issue comes up. In addition to this, when employees know you’ve invested in keeping them safe, they’ll feel more secure and at ease.

Free Availability of Masks, Disinfectant Wipes, and Hand Sanitizers

One of the keys to breaking the chain of infection is proper hygiene, social distancing, and disinfecting. Motivate your employees to regularly wash their hands and also use hand sanitizer after regular intervals. Provide it in common areas throughout the office so it’s always available for the employees and as well as for visitors.

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In addition to this, make sure your employees who want masks always have one and that there are disinfecting wipes available if they prefer to wipe down their workstation at the start or end of each day. These steps are going to contribute a lot to making your staff safer and secure at the workplace.

Daily Temperature Scanning

Under normal circumstances, screening temperatures would be a violation of the law. However, the federal government has determined that because of the risks associated with COVID-19, taking temperatures is permissible. If staff are concerned about the risk, invest in temperature scanning stations or temperature kiosks to further protect your employees.

Special Consideration to Vulnerable Employees

If you have people on your staff who are pregnant, or vulnerable due to a medical condition history or disability, work with them to find a solution you both agree on. For example, they can work from home for the next several months during the Covid-19 peaks, or only come into the office at certain times when there are fewer people in the office premises in order to ensure minimum possible exposure to people.

If a person is disabled under the Americans with Disabilities Act, then different rules may apply. For instance, if an employee has a diagnosed mental health disability, such as severe anxiety due to the pandemic, working from home is considered a reasonable accommodation under the ADA.

At last, the more you communicate about safety and the steps you and your company are taking to limit the chance of an outbreak, the more reassured your employees will be. So, keep an open door, listen to their questions, concerns, and expectations, and be flexible when it comes to meeting their needs to ensure everyone is confident and comfortable coming to work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Need h\Help Staying Staffed During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

As one of the leading recruiting companies, Bridgecor LLC is here for you. We have over 25 years of experience helping companies overcome staffing obstacles and find and hire the people they need. Simply contact us today so we can help you, too if Employees Aren’t Comfortable Returning to Work.


How to Improve Employee Recruitment  and Retention Policy


Employee Recruitment and Retention is vitally important to any organization for consistent and effectual improvement. Unemployment is at an all-time low, and this means fewer people are proactively looking for a new job. So, how can you ensure you stand out from the competition and attract the best individuals to your vacancies? Below, we give some top tips for boosting your hiring efforts in 2020.

According to CV-Library’s latest research, over half (54.5%) of organizations are planning to increase their level of Recruitment and Retention in 2020. At the same time, 84.2% say that a lack of relevant candidates is impacting their hiring efforts right now.

Focus on the candidate experience

Candidates still hold power in the current market; it is as simple as that. A staggering 73.2% of employers feel there is more pressure to focus on the candidate experience when hiring.

And there is good reason to believe this. Our research shows that 70% of candidates will reject a job offer if they have a bad hiring experience.

With this in mind, have a look at your entire Employee Recruitment and Retention from start to finish and see how you can improve it in 2020. From your application forms and interview process to how well you are communicating with candidates, these can all impact someone ones decision to apply and/or accept your offer.

Invest in the right tools for Employee Recruitment and Retention

What tools do you use when recruiting? According to our research, three-quarters (73.5%) of companies say that job boards are their primary source of talent, followed by social media (10.6%) and recruitment agencies (8.8%).

Whatever platforms you are investing in, it is essential to ensure they are working for your company. For example, are they driving the best quality candidates? Are they introducing new features that help your brand stand out? Speak to your suppliers and see.

Alongside this, it is good to practice to keep on top of the latest technology in the market.

Prioritize quality over quantity

Interestingly, our research shows that 92.6% of companies believe that the quality of candidates will be more important than quantity in 2020. At the same time, 83.9% say that the quality of hire is most important when measuring the success of their recruitment process.

This is the right approach to take. Especially as 48.2% admit that they have settled on a candidate because there was no-one else available, with 74.1% stating that this was not the right decision.

So how can you prioritize quality over quantity? Well, stop measuring the success of your recruitment on the number of applications you are receiving. Be patient and take the time to be proactive to source top-quality candidates.

Make the best hires this year

We hope you find our tips useful! To help you even further, CV-Library would like to offer HR Grapevine users an exclusive free trial. With a database of 14 million CVs, we can grant you access to the best quality candidates, giving you the tools to power your recruitment.

Want to know what key trends are shaping the recruitment industry in 2020? Download our whitepaper ‘Recruitment trends for 2020‘ where we discuss the trends in more detail and offer practical advice to help you future-proof your Employee Recruitment and Retention in 2020.

Source: HR Grapevine

You need to come up with the Employee Benefit Plan that will not only attract the top talent but keep them with your organization for the long haul. This is because our economy is doing quite well, and the unemployment rate is lower than it has been in many years. This boom has led to more opportunities for qualified applicants to find their dream jobs. So, now is the ideal time for companies to bring in the best and brightest. However, there is a lot of competition among companies, often in your same industry. 

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Times have changed, and meager benefits such as free coffee and soda or the company lunch now and then are no longer enough to draw in the best people for your business. Instead, you need to think bigger, with benefits that both make a candidate’s professional life better and improve their personal lives as well.

Flexible Scheduling

The idea of driving into the office every day to work eight hours with a 30-minute lunch is no longer as appealing as it used to be. In fact, over 88% of candidates reported that having a flexible schedule was one of the most attractive factors. This factor plays vital role in their decision making about a job selection. People want to have a work-life balance, so they are not too stressed at the office. Consequently, they have time to care for their loved ones.

Flexible schedules could mean split shifts where an employee comes in a few hours in the morning and then returns later that evening. It could also entail a modified week where employees work four 10-hour days and have a three-day weekend. With either of these routines, people can schedule their appointments or set a predetermined day to spend with family. This schedule could also help the company: when employees know that management trusts them to work flexible hours, they can also be more productive.

The opportunity to work remotely for at least half of the week excites about 63% of applicants because it lets them skip a costly commute, save money on clothes, and allows the chance to work from the comfort of their own home. Employee Benefit Plan including this opportunity creates a feeling of trust between the employer and the employee and can also increase productivity and improve their health. Again, this benefit is a win-win for the company as it cuts costs on office space, utilities, and equipment.

Health Plans

These days, health insurance is more important than ever. When a company provides affordable, comprehensive, and easily accessible health insurance, they show that they genuinely care about the health of their workers, and potential candidates see that. In some cases, the only place that a person can afford health insurance is at their job, so it makes a big difference. 

A good health insurance plan shouldn’t drain the paycheck and should offer plenty of options and plans from which to choose. Great health plans will have a soft spot for pre-existing conditions. So if a warehouse worker had a bad back and wanted to go to a new job, they would want to know that if they were injured again, they would still be covered with the health plan, or at least under workers’ compensation insurance. 

Wellness programs are also great perks and could include complimentary gym memberships, smoking cessation programs, or healthy food or snack options at lunch. Some companies also have a wellness plan built into their health insurance premiums, so if the employee passes regular health assessments, their monthly payment would be lower. This is a unique benefit, so candidates will surely notice if your business includes this perk. The point is showing the potential employee that you genuinely care about their wellbeing.

Benefits for the Future

Getting a new job is no small task, so when people look for a place to work, they want a company that they can stay with for the foreseeable future. They also know that life happens, and things can change as the years go by. A company with great benefits understands this idea. If they offer perks that encourage employees to live their lives to the fullest, then the employee will appreciate the business even more. 

For instance, companies that offer extended paid time-off programs give the employee the impression that they are free to live a life outside of work. The time off also provides the employee the chance to refresh so they can return to the job more focused and productive. Your business should also offer a minimum of six weeks of paid family or paternal leave for both mothers and fathers. Again, this gives the impression that your company cares about their outside life and offers parents a chance to cherish their children, so they are happy when they return to work. 

A good retirement plan shows the candidate that you are hoping to retain and mold them at your company for the rest of their working career and people like that kind of job security. Retirement plans might include a pension plan or a 401k with an employer match. Some of the more highly ranked 401k plans include an incentive like a 6% match after the employee puts in 1% of their income or matching 100% of their first 6% of contributions. Companies that want to draw in more talent for the long term should highly consider such options. 


In the end, a company that genuinely values its employees and offers best Employee Benefit Plan will stand the test of time. People want to know that they are not working for a faceless organization, but instead, a business that truly appreciates its top talent. Incorporate these benefits now, and you could see an uptick in quality candidates.

Written by: Avery Phillips

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