Bridgecor would not be the respected recruiting and job placement agency we are if not for our available experienced talent. Our pool of candidates is our best asset, and we strive to place candidates in positions that elevate their careers and lifestyles. Candidates, we can assist you in taking the next step towards your professional goals. Every candidate receives a customized individual action plan and personalized introductions to prospective employers.

One of our first goals when working with a new candidate is to develop an understanding of your career goals and the type of organization and culture you desire to work within. Your personal talent management consultant conducts a confidential consultation to define your strengths, job satisfaction “sweet spots”, areas of development, preferred cultures, and more. From there, your talent management consultant designs your personalized profile and develops a search strategy to identify organizations that match your talents and objectives. We also help candidates optimize their resumes by providing professional resume writing services alongside their guidance and career counseling sessions.


When sourcing Candidates, Bridgecor will:

Conduct a thorough assessment of the client’s requirements to ensure a good match.

Stay connected with you, providing detailed progress reports on your job search.

After the search is completed, continuous communication with you and the client to make sure both parties are satisfied.

Never charge our candidates, giving you access to top career positions for free!

Candidate Services

Resume Review

A Bridegecor expert will provide detailed input on how you are presenting your skills and experience. Fine-tuning your resume before you start your job search. Confidential critiques offered by seasoned communicators, including high-level reviews on formatting and content: honest and personalized feedback, prompt responses to questions and concerns, and simplified instructions for organization and style.

Career Advancement

Career advancement is basically having the opportunity to be promoted to a higher position. Moreover, move ahead in a company or position with the addition of more responsibility in a current role. Bridgecor is a great career advancement tool for our job seekers and Candidates. We offer the latest positions available through our job listings page. Once a candidate’s resume is in our system, our team members help locate jobs, land interviews and assist with contract negotiation.

Career Counseling

Bridgecor specializes in assisting talented professionals to find new Candidates nationwide, providing advice on presentation, resume building and interviewing. A Bridgecor associate can assist candidates with improving a resume, and presenting oneself in a more attractive way. We do so by highlighting the best skills and attributes.