About US – Who We Are

The Mission Statement

We are a woman minority-owned company with a diverse team of skilled professionals.  Driven to develop unparalleled relationships with employers and candidates, and sourcing exceptional candidates to add to your organization’s team.  Our goal is to not partner with everyone, but only the right one.  Meaning the association has to be the right one for all concerned, our organization, your company, our recruiters, and potential candidates.

The driving force behind Bridgecor’s passion is our obsession with customer service — consistent delivery of exceptional client services and keeping the customer satisfied. Bridgecor commitment is not just to meet, but exceed customer expectations. Whether it is a potential client, new talent, or a long-time vendor – we keep our focus on the needs of those we serve.  Our team members are tenured industry experts trained to recruit, acquire, and retain high-impact talent.

The Vision

Every Bridgecor associate is committed to delivering total and complete satisfaction with each new and retained client.  We understand that everyone has a different definition of great service.  Each client should expect Bridgecor consultants to ask questions at the beginning of the Bridgecor process to ensure receipt of optimal customer service.

Bridgecor procedures establish the foundation for communicating proactively.  A system that enables clients to be confident that Bridgecor employment specialists are attentive and responsive to your organization’s job placement needs.  Our ultimate goal is to have full engagement within your organization, whereby you view us not just as consultants but as part of your team.  Assisting your organization with hiring exceptional team members.  Leading to an individualized experience.