How To Encourage Women To Enroll in Engineering?

How To Encourage Women To Enroll in Engineering?

Engineering is vital. It’s also demanding and thrilling. Engineers solve challenges and develop novel designs that favor humans by combining scientific models with creative thought. Technology is a fascinating and enjoyable profession. It requires a lifetime of constant learning to respond to social and natural-world changes. Working in multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural, and multi-site teams is expected.

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It’s a worthwhile career, and the rewards will be very fulfilling if you excel. Engineers are in short supply around the UK, which is why we’re spending millions of pounds in developing courses to train engineers to fulfill the country’s potential needs.

How To Encourage Women To Enroll in Engineering?

Because of the shortages, engineers are well compensated, and there is a wide range of engineering specializations to choose from. On the other hand, the shortage of women in engineering adds to the gender wage differential while still depriving society of a significant number of skilled people who might make a significant difference.

Five Ways By Which You Can Inspire Women To Enroll In Engineering

Women are currently underrepresented in the engineering industry. According to Engineering UK’s State of Engineering survey, just 12% of those employed in central and associated engineering positions are women. According to a study, boys are much more likely than girls to pursue a career in engineering at any age. It is for this cause that International Women in Engineering Day is so important. It serves as a forum for starting a conversation about the exciting careers open to women and why there are so few of us in the field right now.

About 20% of people enrolled in degree-level engineering programs in the UK, such as our recent Higher Level Apprenticeship, are women, which is a shame because girls and boys are equally competent in this sector!

It’s no secret that the engineering industry has a long history of being run by men. According to Engineering UK, the status of engineering survey, less than 11% of the workforce is female as of 2018. As a result of these results, the industry is now more motivated than ever to solve the gender gap and inspire more women to pursue important engineering positions.

Here are the few ways by which you can inspire and encourage women to enroll and do engineering. There is no doubt there is a shortage of female engineers, but as time passes, no doubt females are coming towards engineering. So to inspire more girls to enroll in engineering, here are five ways.

1. See Up to The Role Models

Young girls need accomplished female developers to look up to to see the positive effect they’re having on the planet. Today’s engineers are responsible for designing cutting-edge innovations that are aiding in the solving of the world’s most challenging problems. Women should not be frightened by such positions and duties but somewhat optimistic and motivated by the possibility of a future in engineering.

2. Find a Mentor For Yourself

The most significant contribution of all. Self-belief is one of the most challenging obstacles we face in encouraging more girls to pursue higher education in math and science.

How To Encourage Women To Enroll in Engineering?


By being a mentor, you will use your expertise to help young women navigate the industry and provide them with the vital industry insight and resources they need to excel. Look for organizations that have mentorship opportunities and email them to hear more about how you can join – you’ll be shocked by how fulfilling the process can be.

3. Make Most of The Learning Opportunities.

Famous national clubs or companies have begun to focus more on bringing girls to engineering and technology. There has been a greater emphasis on encouraging young girls to choose careers that are traditionally male-dominated. This demonstrates a significant change in thought. Today, the agency has dramatically expanded its services to support girls in finding success in all fields.

How To Encourage Women To Enroll in Engineering?

Companies and organizations that offer summer internships provide girls and women the ability to learn more about the diverse opportunities available in the STEM fields. Many companies already have work shadowing or career days. Job shadowing encourages people involved in a particular area to spend a day or a certain amount of time with someone already working in that profession.

These programs and internships are the best options to excel in your field, especially for women.

4. Create Awareness About Engineering and Technology

Correcting girls’ negative attitudes regarding math and science at a young age, on the other hand, will inspire them to embrace the subjects in high school rather than ignore them. If we want to discourage females from taking a different course, administrators and educators must work hard to build supportive spaces in high school and college math and science programs.

How To Encourage Women To Enroll in Engineering?

Those with potential and sincere curiosity in those subjects will be able to cultivate that interest as long as young boys and girls are introduced to science and technology. Similarly, motivated to learn those disciplines. Science and technology have always played a significant role in what we will do in our lifetimes, and they will continue to do so.

5. Change Mindset

The tech world has shifted radically over time. A career in engineering will now provide a wide variety of skill sets and opportunities, but at its heart, engineering is all about being able to construct anything you imagine.

How To Encourage Women To Enroll in Engineering?

It’s a work that’s all about growth, breakthroughs, and exploration. So, the next time anyone tells you that engineering is a “dull science,” don’t believe them. Instead, go out and talk to young people about what tech is all about today.


These platforms include an excellent way to learn a lot about the industry. What it’s like to be a woman in a particular engineering field, what career choices are open, and so on. While it may not be as informative as speaking with an expert in the sector face to face. It will provide women with a solid foundation on which to build.

More young girls will consider the additional job prospects available to them as women become more dominant in engineering fields. With more women in the industry, young girls can see what they will bring to society.

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